Welcome to Virtual Southern Air ,we are a group of people from all over the vast globe who like to fly in a virtual world delivering cargo to various airports world wide using a variety of cargo freighters . We are experienced virtual pilots with many years experience in FS9 and FSX . Some members have real life flying under their belt .we have many , many years with VA's so this is not our first rodeo.This is a relaxed VA with some structuring to help you and the VA to run smooth and have a great experience in doing the hobby that you and i like , flying in a virtual world . We have no ratings on aircraft , so if you wish to fly a B737 and the next flight an A330 or even the B747 , you can do without any problems.Want to fly online with ivao/vatsim etc , go right a head, all we ask is you have fun. If you like what you see and wish to join us at Virtual Southern Air , then please register. we have a ts3 dedicated server and a VSA Forum.

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