VSA Positions

These are the VSA Positions and description of each.

Roy Elliman VSA President :  Responsible for all day to day running of VSA , making sure that each position has all the equipment that they need to operate at a smooth level.

VSA COO: To make sure that all hubs are running as sufficiently as required by the Cargo Manager and hub managers. Will be on call to answer any questions regarding VSA/Hubs/Aircraft etc . Reports to the President. Is second in command of VSA when President is not available

Neil Bonner VSA Cargo Manager: The cargo manager is responsible for making sure all hubs have sufficiant cargo flights , Schedulled/charter etc and to make sure pilots have aircraft loading information and data .Reports to the COO

Hub Manager: Will be responsible for the hub he/she manages , including the welfare of their hub pilots/routes etc . Reports to the Cargo Manager.

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