VSA Pilot Requirements

These are VSA's Requirements for pilots .

1: All pilots must be over 16 yrs of age with a LEGAL copy of either FS9 or FSX .

2:  New VSA Pilots must fly within the first 7 days of acceptance letter , if not they will be removed from VSA via auto kick system .VSA Pilots must fly at least 1 flight per month to stay active , after 60 days of non-activity you will be removed from VSA again via auto kick.

3: Pilots shall only fly the correct airframe for their flight , cargo/freighters , any airline may be used for flights as long as it is a freighter/cargo, southern air/dhl are prefferd but not essentail.

4: ALL VSA Pilots will use the KACARS Flight Tracking system that we have for recording their flights. MANUALLY FILED PIREPS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

5: Please check your Airport Dep/Ari icao code before flight , only use icao codes that are avalable , only main city commercial airports will be used for flights , ie: London Heathrow , JFK , Rome etc , if there is an airport you want that is not in system , please ask and it may be added , but wait upto 24 hrs for it to be added before you fly to there .

6:Landing Rates must be under 1000 fpm , you will be allowed only ONE heavy landing per month that is over 1000 fpm , in short do not land heavy .

7: IVAO/VATSIM is not required but you may use these if you so wish to .

8: Airframe must not fly beyond the maximum range of aircraft , so no flying a B737 over 2300 mi etc , check the aircraft max rage before flight.

9: There is NO rating/restriction on the type of aircraft you may fly , so you may fly a B737 then next flight a B777 , YOU MUST DEPART FROM THE AIRPORT YOU LAST ARRIVED AT . NO dead heading.

10: VSA Pilots may use Payware or freeware aircraft , your choice.

11: There are Charter modes for free flights or you may use a scheduled flight .

12: ALL VSA Pilots will be courteous to  fellow members and all in general.

13: These requirements can and will be amended as necessary with out notice , so please view periodicaly .

14:The MAIN goal is to have enjoyment with the hobby you like doing , FLYING , in a relaxed and friendly enviroment .

If you like what you see please head over to the registration and fill out a VSA Application . Thank you for viewing  VSA web Site and we hope to see you on the cargo ramp soon .

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